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Professor Eisenbruch's clinical practice is informed by experience and evidence coming from a wide range of research. He has been chief investigator on research projects funded by agencies such as the Australian Research Council, the National Health and Medical Research Council, NSW Health, Cure Cancer Australia, National Breast Cancer Foundation, Diabetes Australia, the Berghof Foundation in Germany, Posco Foundation Korea, Wenner Gren Foundation New York, Le Grand Foundation France, and the World Bank Group/Sexual Violence Research Initiative. Projects include cultural aspects of mental health, cancer, diabetes, and early childhood.


He heads a research program in Cambodia, with funding at various times from the National Health & Medical Research Council, Australian Research Council and the Berghof Foundation in Germany. The program includes a focus on violence. Currently, he is an award-holder from the World Bank Group / Sexual Violence Research Initiative, and leads a project with Culture4Change in the Netherlands and NGOs in Cambodia, which focuses on Buddhist monks and female devotees in helping to mitigate and prevent Gender Based Violence including sexual violence against girls and boys.


Currently he is investigating the psycho-cultural context of contagious diseases, in particular COVID-19.  

Download recent publications on child sexual abuseviolence against womentheory of changemass faintingspirits, impunity and human rights and justice, and Yantra. Download older publications on post-traumatic stress disorderdepressionacculturationglobal child mental healthmedication for schizophreniarefugee mental healthmental health servicesdiabetes educationcancer in families, young drivers, health dataproductive diversity and health professionalsmedical educationaged and community care, and antiretroviral therapy and cultural competence with HIV/AIDS.

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