What are the fees?

Australian Medicare card with calculator

Refugees, asylum seekers and other patients with special circumstances are bulk billed. Otherwise, the standard fees are shown below. As a courtesy, invoices are issued in arrears at the end of each calendar month, when payment falls due.

About the Medicare rebate and safety net For the first few sessions, you might find that the rebate from Medicare is significantly less than the fee charged.

Once you reach the relevant threshold, the Medicare Safety Net will provide a higher Medicare benefit for all eligible services for the rest of the calendar year. For more information, see Safety Net.

While you have no Medicare safety net (as applies to everyone from 1 January each year), you would be out of pocket by at least $250 for each individual appointment and by $100 for each group appointment. However, the Medicare safety net starts to kick in once you have been out of pocket by approximately $2,000 since 1 January of that year. By that time (which usually takes a couple of months of therapy), you should get back at least 80 per cent of the fee.

You can search the Medicare Benefits Schedule on line.

For individual sessions of 45 minutes duration, Item 306 applies.

  • From November 2019, the fee charged for Item 306 is $440. (Once you reach the Medicare Safety Net, you should be out-of-pocket by roughly $80 per session)


For group psychotherapy,sessions of at least one hour's duration  Item 342 applies.

  • From November 2019, the fee charged for Item 342 is $160. (Once you reach the Medicare Safety Net, you should be out-of-pocket by roughly $30 per session)

Other Items apply for family therapy, and couples therapy, consultations at home and other locations, and initial assessments.

From March 2020, services are provided remotely by Telehealth, and there are special Item numbers, for which the arrangements and rebates are identical with those normally applicable. The most frequent items are 91840  for individual sessions and 92455 for group therapy. 



Psychotherapy is a commitment by the patient to their own treatment, and by the therapist to the patient. Patients are expected to attend sessions - unless ill or due to non-negotiable work commitments or on compassionate grounds - and cancelled or missed appointments will be charged. If payment needs to be recovered, costs will be borne by the patient.