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Getting help for what? - a concept map for psychotherapy  

Mental distress, pain and suffering can be experienced in many ways, and in many contexts, such as those mind-mapped below.  These are issues, and experiences, which can be explored in psychotherapy

Therapy Sessions

Emotional pain and suffering can show up in many ways, such as those mindmapped below. 

Getting help with v2.png
My approach
My Approach to therapy

Each person can reach a fuller mental health potential through a insight into their personal history. The goal is relief of mental suffering, discovery of new and more adaptive ways to deal with stress, and enhanced empowerment to change one's life circumstances. I believe that psychotherapy, appropriately tailored, can be of benefit in helping to achieve these outcomes.

In insight-oriented psychotherapy, rather than trying to remove the symptoms, we focus on understanding the underlying causes. 

Depending on the needs of the patient, treatment can be provided through one or more of individual, group, couples or family therapies

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