office (03) 9820 3006 or 920 3008
fax (03) 9820 3007

What we provide

We provide psychotherapy, psychology, and psychiatry assessment and treatment services.
We help people individually, as couples, as families, and in small groups.
We work with people of any age from young children through to the elderly

We are available to help overcome a wide range of issues:

  • Relationship problems between parents and children, couples, and extended family
  • Crises related to life transitions e.g. youth, marital conflict, unemployment

We are also available to help with:

  • Problems affecting doctors and other health practitioners
  • Health issues following immigration and resettlement
  • Psychological problems associated with physical illness (e.g. diabetes, cancer)
  • Insurance-related impairment assessment

We are particularly committed to providing culturally competent services -
no matter what your cultural, religious or language background. We can work in:

  • French
  • Khmer (Cambodian)
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish