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Recent PhD students - Women and mental health

Mental health and well-being of women in the Maldives.

Researchers:   Husna Razee (PhD Candidate), Maurice Eisenbuch, Jan Ritchie

This ethnographic study focuses on several elements of women in the Maldives: (a) the remarkable context of multiple repeated divorce by a particular couple; (b) situating the particular ‘relaxed’ form of Islam practised in the Maldives in the spectrum of marital expectations in neighbouring Islamic countries (c) the impact of modernisation especially in Malé upon culture and mental well-being (d) the socially expected roles and attributes of men and women and how they influence women’s mental health. In this way, programs not only in multicultural health, but in women’s health and mental health will be better informed. Field work has been completed in Male’ and two other field sites. Preliminary analysis resulted in the identification of a culture specific syndrome of mental distress known locally as “jinni moyavun” or “possession” by a spiritual being.