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Mental health

Barriers to mental health services utilisation among migrants from mainland China in Southeast Sydney

Eisenbruch, M., Blignault, I., Ponzio, V., Rong, Y

Rotary Foundation, $41,000

Background: Chinese-language speakers comprise the largest non-English speaking population in Australia but they have among the lowest rates of mental health services utilisation.
Material: In-depth interviews were conducted with China-born mental health patients and members of the general community, and mental health service providers.
Discussion: Participants identified several factors that limit access to mental health care as well as the quality of care received: mental health literacy, stigma, communication difficulties, confidentiality concerns, service constraints and discrimination.
Conclusions: Findings have implications for the prevention and treatment of mental disorders among migrants from China, and caution against assuming heterogeneity within ethnic groups.

Fluphenazine meta-analysis and review

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Eisenbruch, M. (RCH Research Foundation)
NHMRC Medical Postgraduate Research Scholarship, $19,000;
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