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End of life

Cultural context of end of life care

Maurice Eisenbruch, Jeffrey Cohen

SESAHS, $20,000

An intensive participatory study was carried with 150 health professionals engaged in end-of-life care across a range of Area services - acute and palliative care, expected and unexpected death, children and aged care and clinical and community settings. Narrative data were recorded with particular attention to critical incidents and needs analysis. The findings are being used to guide Area health services in developing culturally competent protocols for end-of-life care, leading to better quality of life, overcome problems in harvesting organs for donation, and reduce the risk of litigation

The Centre collaborated with NSW Health, South Western Sydney Area Health Service, and NSW Transcultural Aged Care Service in the MATEL project (K. Hillman et al., Simpson Centre), which focused on dying in an acute hospital setting, especially in areas where there is a high death rate such as Intensive Care Units. A model of multicultural approach has been investigated to provide the most culturally sensitive services for end-of-life care.