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(with special attention to psychotherapy in Australia)

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Glossaries can help to navigate the array of terms. See the All about Psychotherapy glossary.

Consumer information

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists has developed Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) to provide mental health practitioners, consumers, and carers with evidence-based information about particular mental illnesses and appropriate treatment options. The CPGs address:

  • anorexia nervosa
  • bipolar disorder
  • deliberate self harm (youth and adult)
  • depression
  • panic disorder and agoraphobia
  • schizophrenia.

For each disorder or condition, two Guidelines have been developed – one for consumers and carers, and one for mental health clinicians (summary and full versions). The CPGs: systematically evaluate research evidence; were developed by representatives from a range of professional groups, as well as consumers; are specifically designed to assist, rather than dictate, clinical decision-making; and are to be applied on a case-by-case basis.

There are numerous ethnospecific mental-health-related networks in Australia. In Melbourne, see ethnospecific self-help groups and professional networks.


Organisations focusing on psychotherapy and spirituality



The Victorian Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists (VAPP) has a series of Frequently Asked Questions for those wondering what happens in psychotherapy.

All about Psychotherapy is a UK-based online resource that provides multimedia information and book reviews, first chapters of books, media articles about psychotherapy, and psychotherapists' comments on the articles; interviews with psychotherapists; and information about psychoactive drugs and psychotherapy orientations

Resources for Effective Psychotherapy and Counselling



The Australasian Journal of Psychotherapy is the journal of the PPAA and was first published in 1982. It is currently published twice yearly

For a very basic overview by 'Therapy Canada' that answers common questions, browse 'Psychotherapy and You'

For an acerbic comment on the 'quick fix', see De-skilling me softly: a cautionary ballad by Edwin Harari, Medical Journal of Australia, 2000; 173: 661  

For an overview, read Introduction to the Psychotherapies, edited by Sidney Bloch (2006), Oxford University Press.

Key Contexts
An historical context , Sidney Bloch & Edwin Harari
2. Ethical aspects of psychotherapy practice , Allen Dyer & Sidney Bloch
3. Research in psychotherapy , Frank Margison & Anthony Bateman
4. What is psychotherapy? , Jerome D Frank

Principal Approaches
5. Individual long-term psychotherapy , Susan Mizen & Jeremy Holmes
6. Short-term dynamic therapy , Michael Hobbs
7. Cognitive psychotherapy , Nicholas B Allen
8. Behavioural psychotherapy , Lynne Drummond & Brett Kennedy
9. Crisis intervention , Cynthia Graham & John Bancroft
10. Supportive psychotherapy , Sidney Bloch
11. Group psychotherapy , Mark Aveline

Attempts at Integration
12. Cognitive-analytic psychotherapy , Ian Kerr & Anthony Ryle
13. The conversational model , Russell Meares

Specific Clinical Groups
14. Child psychotherapy , Ricky Emanuel
15. Psychotherapy with older adults , Jane Garner
16. Couple psychotherapy , Michael Crowe
17. Sex therapy , John Bancroft
18. Family therapy in the adult psychiatric setting , Edwin Harari & Sidney Bloch

Or see an earlier account: Bloch, Sidney (1982). What is Psychotherapy?: London: Oxford University Press. 1982. Pp. 193

For a critique of the evidence base, see Harari, E. (2001). Whose evidence? Lessons from the philosophy of science and the epistemology of medicine, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry  vol. 35, no6, pp. 724-730 (43 ref.)

A recent review of cognitive therapy and and interpersonal psychotherapy, see Weissman, Myrna M., Editorial, American  Journal of Psychiatry, 164:693-696, May 2007

Recent articles on cultural aspects of psychotherapy (including anthropology, refugees, ethnography)

Many of theses articles can be retrieved in full text for no cost from HighWire Press,

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