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How can I get started in improving the cultural competence of my organization?

Adapted with modifications by Robert Like, MD, MS from the work of James L. Mason, Portland Oregon.

Answer the following questions about your organization.

  • Describe the culturally diverse populations served by your health care organization.
  • Describe service delivery barriers you have encountered in serving culturally diverse populations in an effective manner.
  • Discuss any challenges you have had working with:
    • Providers/Staff of culturally diverse backgrounds
    • Patients/Families of culturally diverse backgrounds
    • Natural healers and/or complementary alternative medicine healers
  • Describe any cross-cultural success stories and why they occurred:
    • Clinical practice-based (involving patients, providers, natural helpers, and/or complementary/alternative medicine healers)
    • Health care organization-based (involving patients, providers, administrative personnel, and/or executives)
  • Describe policies and procedures you have developed and strategies and resources you have used in serving culturally diverse populations in an effective manner.
  • Identify areas where key stakeholders and constituency groups can collaborate to improve the delivery of services to culturally diverse populations.