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Business systems

Diversity and Human Resource Management (HRM)

Adding Value Through HRM: A Business Model For Managing Diversity From The Programme for the Practice of Diversity Management,  a collaborative arrangement between the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA) and the Australian Centre for International Business (ACIB) funded through DIMIA’s Productive Diversity Partnership Programme.

Key Steps in Action Areas

Action Area: Top Management

           Raise top management awareness of the business case for diversity management

           Cultivate top management support of, commitment to, and ownership of diversity management

           Cultivate top management ownership of diversity management initiatives

           Allocate resources to diversity management

           Develop a diversity vision for the firm 

Action Area: Auditing

Diversity audit

           Survey staff

           Analyse staff data

           Build a diversity profile of the organisation

Organisational culture audit

           Establish representative diversity taskforce

           Investigate current processes, culture, policies and practices

           Assist in developing the diversity vision

           Develop more effective policies and practices 

Action Area: Strategic Goal Setting

           Clarify the diversity vision

           Set diversity goals

           Link diversity goals with strategic goals of the organisation 

Action Area: Training, Education and Awareness

           Invest in diversity training at all levels of the organisation

           Tailor training to specific needs of the recipients

           Build a common understanding of benefits and challenges while emphasising common goals

           Communicate the value in diversity message via various channels

           Link training to strategic objectives 

Action Area: Promoting Superior Performance

           Foster an environment conducive to exchanging information and ideas

           Promote team trust and interdependence

           Provide appropriate team training

           Foster creative abrasion

           Develop strong ground rules

           Increase team autonomy 

Action Area: Improving Individual Outcomes

           Facilitate co-worker and supervisor support

           Ensure equity in reward systems

           Ensure equity in advancement opportunities

           Promote flexibility in work arrangements 

Action Area: Employer of Choice Strategies

           Develop differentiating HRM strategies

           Recognise and respond to demographic changes in the labour market

           Be aware of decision factors for high performers and high potentials

           Integrate HRM, diversity management and business strategy

           Develop innovative remuneration and benefits schemes

           Set specific employer of choice goals

           Make clear linkages between employer of choice strategies and bottom line outcomes